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Dining Delights in Stellenbosch

Nestled amidst the vineyard-dappled slopes and adorned with Cape Dutch architecture, Stellenbosch emerges as a true delight for the senses. Quirky galleries, boutique finds and a culinary scene that competes with the very best await those who venture into the bustling streets of this oak-shaded town. Behind the quaint cafés and coffee nooks on almost every corner, you’ll discover a variety of wine bars and renowned restaurants waiting to tantalise your tastebuds. 

Within an hour’s drive from Cape Town, Stellenbosch stands as a true culinary gem, effortlessly pleasing the crowds with its allure to unfold a feast fit for the senses. From welcoming farm kitchens to trendy town eateries and sophisticated fine-dining establishments, we’ve put together our top recommendations for dining in the charming hub of Stellenbosch Central, each enhanced by the exquisite offerings of Simonsig wines.

1. De Warenmarkt

Situated in an 18th-century heritage building, De Warenmarkt offers a captivating blend of experiences inspired by the Cape’s trading post legacy. The spacious and welcoming dining area invites you to indulge in irresistible flavours – from specialty meats, crêpes, and baked goods, to Saldanha Bay Oysters. De Warenmarkt promises a culinary journey that combines history and innovation, all enhanced by a great selection of our award-winning still wines and Cap Classique to enjoy with your meal.

2. Decameron 

Named after the book “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, this homey Italian-inspired haven invites you to explore flavours and tales told through each dish. After more than two decades of established success, Decameron offers the best of the best when it comes to authentic Italian bites. Whether you prefer pizza or pasta, the perfect pairing with Simonsig wine adds a touch of South African flair.

3. Helena’s Restaurant

 Tucked inside the Coopmanhuijs Boutique Hotel, Helena’s Restaurant offers a fine dining journey where heritage meets modern innovation. As a guest, you can rediscover the essence of South African cuisine through rich flavours and textures. Our Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rosé and Satin Nectar Rosé add a touch of South African sparkle to every locally inspired dish.

 4. Stellenbosch Kitchen

 Housed in a beautifully preserved Cape Dutch-style building, Stellenbosch Kitchen is a fusion of  modern sophistication and contemporary flair. With a menu that celebrates local flavours, each dish is perfectly complemented by a curated selection of our award-winning wines, including the Jamala Gewürztraminer, Kaapse Vonkel Brut, Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rosé, Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon and Vin de Liza.  

5. The Fat Butcher

Fuelled by an unapologetic passion for hearty, meaty feasts, The Fat Butcher is a dining haven that specialises in delivering an array of top-quality cuts, expertly cooked. With a cozy ambiance featuring dark wooden ceiling beams, wooden floors and plush leather booths, The Fat Butcher invites you to indulge in an exceptional dining experience. With an extensive cellar list, you can elevate each dish with the nuanced flavours of Simonsig’s wines. 

6. De Volkskombuis

As a true South African culinary gem, De Volkskombuis offers a unique farm-style dining experience. Dating back to the early 1970s, this Cape Dutch-style establishment embraces signature traditional favourites like Meraai se Hoender Pie and Boland Bobotie, perfectly complemented by a selection of our Simonsig wines. From the alluring crimson colour of our Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon and our award-winning Tiara, to the world-class finesse of The Garland and our Kaapse Vonkel sparkles, you can indulge in the richness of South African tradition and flavour. 

7. Meraki

 Situated near the top of Church Street, Meraki is a cozy café with a  warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Meraki is the go-to spot that makes every guest feel right at home. Savour each dish with delightful sips of our Kaapse Vonkel Brut or Brut Rosé, available by the bottle or in a glass, perfect for a celebratory mimosa.

 8. The Meeting Place

True to its name, this cozy day-time café and buzzing night-time bistro encapsulates the heart of this vibrant student town. Shaded by the oaks amidst the hustle and bustle of Dorp Street, The Meeting Place is where friends, flavours and a few Simonsig favourites, such as our vibrant Chenin Blanc and fruit-forward Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, converge.

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