Malan Vineyard Selection

The Langbult Steen

A Homage to Heritage

Chenin Blanc is part of our DNA at Simonsig. The journey began with this iconic cultivar in 1968 when Chenin Blanc was first bottled and labelled under the Simonsig brand, using grapes grown on the farm, making us one the earliest estate brands in South Africa.

Years of experience in producing Chenin Blanc culminated into the Langbult Steen, previously known as Chenin avec Chêne, proudly becoming Simonsig’s first wine with old vine status. This wine is the result of time, care and craftmanship, sitting proudly alongside The Tiara, Frans Malan Cape Blend, Redhill Pinotage, and Merindol Syrah in the Malan Vineyard Selection.

Since 1968

Perfectly positioned, for centuries

The single vineyard soils, from which the Langbult Steen vines rose, make for the perfect growing environment for historic old vines. There is much to be said about the prime location of the vineyard, exposed and protected from the elements in equal measure, ensuring the grapes can ripen in perfect harmony.

Notes from the cellar master

The wine has a light straw colour with a lime green tinge. On the nose you pick up complex aromas of orange blossom, melon, dried apricot and ginger spice. The first thing you notice on the palate is the tangy acidity that carries the flavours of white pear, lime and green apple. The wine has a beautiful minerality, but not without a light creamy texture from the lees contact in barrel.

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