3rd Generation Farm

Terroir And Winemaking

Hands In The Soil

Simonsig is located in the northern part of the famous Stellenbosch wine region, Western Cape, South Africa. The iconic Table Mountain is a mere 50km away and visible in the distance. The richness of our terroir – encompassing our soils, climate, and terrain, all shaped by our people in the vineyards and the cellar – is reflected in the diversity of our wines.


Nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch, Simonsig benefits from a unique maritime climate heavily influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Our region experiences extended, sun-drenched summers, winter rainfall, and moderate temperatures, all of which contribute to ideal grape-growing conditions. Two prevailing winds play significant roles in shaping the terroir of our vineyards. The North Westerly wind ushers in cold and wet winters, while the South Easterly wind, also known as the Cape Doctor, provides refreshing maritime conditions during the growing season. Standing amidst the vineyards in the afternoon, one can often feel a cool breeze flowing through the vines.

Vineyards & Soils

The soils in Stellenbosch can be traced back to ancient seabed decomposition spanning hundreds of millions of years. At Simonsig, our vineyards boast a diverse array of soil types, primarily comprising sandstone, granite, and shale, each lending its unique character to our wines. Some of our select vineyard sites feature koffie klip and red Hutton soils, further enhancing the complexity of our wines.

Covering 210 hectares of prime Stellenbosch terroir, Simonsig’s vineyards are meticulously managed, a cornerstone of our commitment to winemaking excellence. Here, cultivars such as Chenin Blanc, Pinotage, and Cabernet Sauvignon thrive alongside Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are crucial for crafting our esteemed Cap Classique. All grapes grown on our farm are hand-harvested. Pruning is also conducted by hand using the Simonit & Sirch method, ensuring the best grape quality.

Terrain & Environment

Simonsig rests at the foot of the magnificent Simonsberg, from which we draw our name, surrounded by a captivating landscape of rolling red hills, majestic mountains, and lush valleys. Our vineyards span altitudes ranging from 50m to 280m, encompassing diverse slopes that create a mosaic of environments.

The Western Cape boasts one of the world’s most unique biodiversity ecosystems with the Cape Floral Kingdom designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated within this remarkable area, Simonsig is home to a rich array of animal and plant life, including various fynbos species, the Cape Fox, and the Sunbird, some of which inspire the names of our wines. Additionally, we proudly contribute to the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy, dedicated to safeguarding endangered fauna and flora species.

People & Winemaking Philosophy

Without the people involved from grape to glass, it would not be possible to create such world-class wines, which is why people form such an important role in the winemaking process. Family heritage is also a significant aspect of Simonsig, with the Malan family now in its third generation. This continuity means that three generations have lived with the land, gaining an intimate understanding of it and learning how to work effectively with it, continuing an intergenerational transfer of knowledge.

Third generation Michael Malan says his philosophy is “to make lekker, high-quality wines – wines that are balanced, fresh and full of flavour. I want the wines to express our terroir and the cultivars that grow here. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail from the vineyard to the cellar and are continuously experimenting and finding new ways to do things while still respecting tradition. I like to say we are rooted in heritage… always innovating.”