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Celebrating Cabernet Sauvignon

Join us on our countdown to #CabernetDay on 30 August as we celebrate one of the most iconic – and planted – grape varieties in Stellenbosch, and around the world. We chatted to our winemakers to get the low-down on this renowned cultivar.

1. What makes Cabernet Sauvignon such a great varietal to work with / make wine with?

It shows off terroir really well and is a versatile blending component, but also great as a single variety wine.

2. What are the challenges of working with Cabernet Sauvignon?

In the vineyard it is a challenge to get the balance in the vine right for the production of premium quality wines as Cabernet is a very vigorous cultivar and left unchecked, it will lead to a ‘thin’ and herbaceous wine.

3. Why is Stellenbosch known as the Kingdom of Cabernet?

The terroir in Stellenbosch is ideally suited for the production of high quality Cabernet. We have a Mediterranean climate with warm days and cool nights during the ripening period. The uniqueness of the geology of the different mountain ranges around Stellenbosch also gives us different expressions of the variety.

4. What do you love most about Cabernet Sauvignon? 

Michael: It makes some of the best wines in the world and it ages beautifully.

Debbie: It’s masculinity and yet elegant features.

Charl: The rich flavour and bold structure.

5. What are your go-to Cabernet Sauvignon pairings? 

Michael: Flash grilled Springbok fillet with fresh herbs.

Debbie: Roasted deboned leg of lamb with rosemary baby potatoes.

Charl: Lamb rib on the braai with thyme infused hassleback potatoes.

What’s your favourite Simonsig Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Sauvignon blend and why? 

Michael: Tiara. It is always a beautifully blended wine, but Labyrinth is great for any occasion.

Debbie: Tiara, it goes without saying…made to fit a queen.

Charl: Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon. It shows the true character of the cultivar grown on the Simonsig terroir.


Explore our Cabernet Sauvignon range: Cabernet Sauvignon/ShirazLabyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon, Frans MalanTiara and The Garland or join us for our special Cab is King tasting* at our Tasting Room (R110 for 5 wines).

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