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A Toast to the Women Behind Simonsig’s Fine Wines


In honour of Women’s Month, we’re celebrating the remarkable women who contribute their expertise and passion to what ties us together – our fine wines. From production to sales,we’re raising our glasses to some of the women who play integral roles at Simonsig: Desiree, Michelle, and Paulina.

You might have read all about our winemaker Danna de Jongh. As mentioned in her blog post, Danna quotes Helen Keller as saying, “ Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Now let us explore the stories of these three women, making their mark at Simonsig. They’ve provided some food for thought – or wine for thought, rather – which we share below.

Desiree, production secretary extraordinaire

Desiree believes that with every new challenge, there is an opportunity for growth. Her background started in law and medicine, and her interest in wine grew and quickly transformed into a refreshing new direction at Simonsig. Desiree’s ability to adapt to change, her attention to detail and her unwavering passion for fine wines is what makes her such an invaluable asset to the production team.

Desiree believes that women in the wine industry need to believe in themselves and their inner strength, and should celebrate every moment of success with the vibrant collection of Simonsig’s Kaapse Vonkel, her favourite.

We asked Desiree what message she would like to send out to all women, to which she replied, “Women are like teabags. We don’t know our inner strength until we are in hot water.”

Michelle, our KwaZulu-Natal sales superstar

Michelle’s fascination for fine wines grows by the day, and she believes that her role at Simonsig is not just a job, it’s a way of life. Her zeal and passion never fail to inspire those around her and she encourages women to always believe in themselves, stand their ground, and never take anything in life for granted.

We asked Michelle which Simonsig wine she considers to be her favourite: “It’s a difficult decision as the wines are all spectacular. It’s a toss-up between Simonsig Langbult Steen and Labyrinth Cabernet. These wines showcase Simonsig’s ability to create a beautiful balance between fruit and oak.”

Michelle believes that women are already making their mark in the wine industry. From owning their own farms to winning awards, she looks to the future with enthusiasm and eagerness to continue to inspire women in wine.

Paulina Pietersen

Paulina’s knowledge and love for fine wines run deep within her. She grew up on the Simonsig Farm, and when she came of working age, she spent her school holidays in the tranquillity of our vineyards. She became increasingly curious about the wine-making process, and she now demonstrates her passion in the place where wine enthusiasts come together – Simonsig’s Tasting Room.

With Paulina’s great involvement in the tasting room, she shared that her favourite wine is Simonsig’s award-winning Tiara because its blend brings complexity which makes it interesting. Paulina mentioned that, just like wine, one cannot simply look at the “label” and think they know the person. One needs to have a conversation and dig a little deeper into the layers, and that’s what the Tiara is for her. “You need to take a sip to start connecting and understand it better.”

Paulina continuously inspires those around her through her hard work and dedication to providing people with a unique tasting experience. She believes that her passion for Simonsig’s Wines makes her the powerful woman she has become.

A Cause for Celebration

Desiree de Villiers, Michelle Strydom, and Paulina Pietersen are some of the truly remarkable women that play key roles in maintaining our continued success and reputation. This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the powerful, inspiring impact women have on our lives, and in doing so, let’s raise our glasses to the women of Simonsig, and of South Africa.