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Simonsig Makes it Three in a Row at Wine-of-the-Month Awards

Simonsig cellar master Johan Malan took top-honours at this year’s Wine-of-the-Month Club Winemaker Awards in being named Winemaker of the Year for the 3nd consecutive year. At the annual awards function held last week Simonsig Estate won eight awards for a diverse range of wines that had been selected as top-scorers over the past year by the Wine-of-the-Month’s judging panel.

“This is definitely one of the most prized awards in the industry as one’s wines are judged throughout the year by a small panel of experts, and receiving it for the third year in a row is an honour I won’t forget.” says Malan.

“To win eight awards from our submissions to the Wine-of-the-Month Club recognises Simonsig’s ability in consistently producing quality wines over a broad range of cultivars and styles. For this I have to thank my teams in the cellar and the vineyards who are so efficient in expressing Simonsig’s unique and special terroir throughout a broad spectrum of wines.”

The Wine-of-the-Month Club, which celebrates its 28th anniversary this year, annually screens hundreds of wines, with only the best making the cut for delivery to Club members in the its various wine programmes.

The eight Simonsig wines that reaped awards were Pinotage 2013, Chardonnay 2014, Gewürztraminer 2013 and 2015, Kaapse Vonkel 2012, Mr Borio’s Shiraz 2012, Redhill Pinotage 2012 and Sunbird Sauvignon Blanc 2015.

According to Johan, the Wine-of-the-Month Club plays an important role in offering South African wine lovers access to a diverse array of quality wines on a regular basis.

“The Club has become an institution among both the wine making and wine buying fraternity, and with over 30 000 members it plays a profound role in giving wine lovers access to South Africa’s top wines,” he says. “The importance of Wine-of-the-Month has grown as the number of wines on offer in South Africa has boomed over the past decade. With over 6 000 wine brands in the country, the consumer is today more than ever dependent on a reliable institution capable of making monthly selections reflecting variety and quality – at a desirable price point.

“In the process the Club has to my mind played a major role in establishing and maintaining an awareness of wine and has helped in creating a culture of wine in the country. Quite frankly, a South African wine industry without the Wine-of-the-Month Club is unimaginable. Simonsig thus accepts this very kind award with great gratitude and we hope that together with the Club we will enjoy the many vintages that lie ahead of us.”