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Simonsig Estate celebrates 50 years of winemaking in Stellenbosch

2018 marks 50 years of continuous production of the iconic South African white wine, Chenin Blanc, at Simonsig.

It also signifies the 50 year anniversary of the Simonsig brand and 50 years of wine making on the Estate, from grapes grown in their own vineyards to bottling and labeling done on their premises.

Fifty years ago, in 1968, the founder of Simonsig, Frans Malan, bottled the first wine ‘Steen’, as Chenin Blanc was previously called, under the Estate’s own label, signifying the start of a new era for the Malan family.

Four years prior to that, in 1964, Frans introduced a cold fermentation cellar and Simonsig was hence the first private cellar in South Africa to revolutionise the quest for excellent white wine quality, which was exemplified in this 1968 Chenin Blanc harvest.

Fifty years of continuous bottling of wines under the Simonsig brand may be regarded as a relatively short time, but in the context of the South African wine industry, Simonsig is one of the oldest Estate brands in the country. When that first Simonsig Steen of 1968 was made on the farm and bottled, Frans Malan was only the fifth private cellar in the Stellenbosch area to take this step.

In recognition of this first Chenin Blanc, Simonsig has paid tribute to the first branded label with a commemorative wine label, based on the original 1968 Steen label design, on a special anniversary bottle.

Simonsig will honour their 50 year anniversary with a celebration on the Estate to acknowledge their origins with those who have played a part in their journey, and to celebrate their future.

“Simonsig would not have been able to celebrate 50 years as a wine brand without the generations of farm workers and other staff who have helped us be where we are today” said Francois Malan, Simonsig Estate MD.

He continued: “And we are grateful for the first steps our parents gave us to establish this business and we want to recognise their dedication and perseverance. We can celebrate 50 years thanks to their hard work and vision.”

Looking ahead, Simonsig remains committed to the sustainability of their environment and to the development of their community. Growing their business while maintaining focus on sustainable practices and adhering to their wine making philosophy is at the heart of what they do.

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