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Notes from the cellar

It has been rumoured that winemakers only work hard for a few months during harvest and then have a holiday relaxing and sipping wine for the rest of the year. I wish this was true…

As I am writing this, I can hear our production lines running at full speed in the background. Kaapse Vonkel is being bottled, Satin Nectar Rosé is being disgorged and Pinotage is being labelled. At the same time, white wine is being filtered for bottling, red wines are being racked from barrels and a container is being loaded for Sweden. It is buzzing in the Simonsig cellar and we are loving it!

Spring is fast approaching making me think of sunny days, warmer weather and celebrating life. And what better way to enter spring than to pop a bottle of Kaapse Vonkel on 1 September in celebration of International Cap Classique Day. South African wines have been making massive waves in the international wine world lately and none more than our Cap Classiques. Usually when we boast about South African food and drink the first words to come up are Biltong, Braai or Bunny chow, but I believe they will soon be joined by my favourite…Cap Classique.

Another reason why September month is a favourite at Simonsig is due to our annual vintage wine festival, Vintage Day, that is back on the farm on 24 September. When I think back on the most memorable wines that I have had in my life, they were all older vintages. Time is a magical ingredient when it comes to wine. It can transform a poor wine into an undrinkable mess OR a great wine into a magnificent, unforgettable and life-changing experience. I believe that Simonsig wines age fantastically and that Vintage Day is the perfect opportunity to come taste and collect these gems. I am not referring to red wines only. Cap Classiques have an amazing ability to improve with time. The bubbles are transformed into finer, more elegant bubbles. The flavour profile develops more richness, layers and complexity, while the texture becomes velvety and creamy. Truly something special and an event not to miss. I hope to see you there!

Written by Charl Schoeman, Cap Classique & White Winemaker at Simonsig.