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News from the winelands

Update from the vineyards

An earlier start than usual has led to the 2017 grape harvest being at an advanced stage for this time of the year. Dry and hot conditions during the beginning of the growing season through to the new year caused the earlier varieties – such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – to ripen quickly and on the farm we were already harvesting in the second week of January.

Vintage is an important part of any wine’s identity, so what will characterise this vintage compared to others? Well, the aforementioned hot and dry conditions have caused lighter bunches, meaning yields are considerably down from last year – less fruit from the vineyards.

However, these smaller berries have shown and are showing terrific levels of fruit concentration. They are literally packed with flavours, and this complexity is showing in the younger wines and the juice that is still fermenting in the winery at this stage.

Another indication of quality is the relative cool periods our Stellenbosch vineyards experienced during the harvest. Extended periods of heat were absent and some nights were so fresh our late working cellar-teams were looking for warmer clothing. These conditions have, among others, resulted in grapes and wines showing balance in their chemical composition. These are tell-tale signs indicating at structured wines of great maturing potential.

So while we are hard at work in the vineyards and the cellar getting the final grapes in, we know we have something to look forward to from vintage 2017.


Win a magnum at First Fizzday

The second season of First Fizz Day’s at Simonsig are underway, and proving to be as popular as ever. On the first Thursday of every summer month we open our farm to the public for a sunset-celebration of Cap Classique with live music and an array of delectable foods. This has turned into something of an instution in the winelands and it is amazing to see the number of regulars who return every month saying this is now a standard date in their calendar.

The First Fizz Day event takes place on 2 March, with the final one of this season on 6 April. Be sure to like our posts on Facebook to stand a chance to win a Kaapse Vonkel magnum.


Cuvée launches new menu

Cuvée Restaurant experienced an especially busy season over the summer holidays, and as we know a change is as good as one of these holidays. From March the menu will feature a few new creations from the kitchen of Chef Stephanie de Wet. From wine cocktails to country salads, delicious grills, seafood and scrumptuous desserts some fresh innovations and twists have been incorporated. Each dish, of course, made better with a pairing of Simonsig wine.