Meet our resident heroes!

November 27, 2017 ,
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Meet our resident heroes

Thanks to Wilhelmina (or Minnie as she is more well-known on the farm) and Veronica, a healthy baby boy was born in the Pick ‘n Pay Stellenbosch parking lot on Saturday, 14 October.

What started off as just a regular shopping trip turned two of our farm employees into local heroes – although they like to think of it as something that anyone else would have done.

“We saw lots of people crowded around a car, so we went to take a look at what was going on” says Wilhelmina, “and to our surprise it was a woman about to give birth!”

The woman was accompanied by her sister, who had just returned from the hospital after nurses told them that she was not ready to give birth yet.

Instincts and the level 3 mid-wife training she received 2 years ago on the farm kicked in. “I rushed to the woman’s side and no sooner had I got her in position to give birth when the baby was born,” continues Wilhelmina, “we then got in the car with her sister and rushed to the hospital who then took further care of the mother and the child.”

Veronica is in contact with the mother and we hear that they are both doing very well.

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