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Simonsig’s 2024: Cultivating a Positive Impact

Towards the end of last year, we received the fantastic news that we are officially Fairtrade certified. And now, as we head into 2024, we are excited to continue making our contribution to the planet and its people through our sustainability initiatives. Every bottle of Simonsig wine supports fair wages, ethical working conditions and sustainable farming practices for the hands that lovingly tend to our vineyards. With Simonsig, your choice isn’t just about good wine – it’s about making a positive impact, one sip at a time.


Simonsig’s Sustainable Initiatives

 Committed to sustainability: Farming for future generations

 At Simonsig, our journey towards making a positive impact begins with our steadfast commitment to sustainability. It’s not merely a buzzword for us – it’s an important principle which we continuously strive towards. From minimising harmful chemicals to introducing predator bugs for natural pest control, and employing mechanical weed control techniques, every grape that ripens under our care is a testament to the harmonious balance we strive for.

 Solar panels have been in place on the farm since 2019, producing renewable energy and reducing our grid-dependency. Currently providing approximately 30% of our electricity needs, we’re committed to increasing this contribution by installing more solar panels in the near future. 

 Water, a precious resource, is handled with care through our water catchment system. Collected throughout the farm, it pumps life into our dams, ensuring a sustainable water supply for both vineyards and garden irrigation. With this, we ensure that every drop is used efficiently and wisely.

 Our commitment extends beyond the vineyards as we actively contribute to the Bottelary Hills Conservancy, promoting conservation and sustainability. This 1,500-hectare sanctuary of indigenous plants forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, fostering biodiversity by providing passage for small wildlife and insects. It’s a small step that makes a positive impact on the overall health of our local ecosystems.

 Simonsig opts for Kraft carton packaging, a recyclable and renewable material that is both eco-friendly and economically viable. The use of electric forklifts and in-house bottling, labeling, and storage further reduces transportation and minimises our overall carbon footprint, ensuring that our practices align with our commitment to sustainability and create a positive impact.


Sustainable initiatives for a brighter future

 Simonsig proudly adheres to the Wine and Agricultural Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) code of conduct, ensuring fair labour practices. Our commitment to fair wages and ethical working conditions expands into the community, creating a positive impact on the lives of those who contribute to Simonsig. 

 Simonsig has been a proud supporter of education and community development since 1979. Our on-site creche and aftercare centre, officially registered with the Department of Social Development, cater to children aged 3 months to 4 years. For learners in Grades R to 7, the afterschool centre offers not only nourishing meals, but also valuable homework assistance, along with access to a computer room for educational projects. At Simonsig, we believe in cultivating young minds and empowering communities for a brighter future, making a positive impact.


Make a positive impact with Simonsig

 As you sip on Simonsig in 2024, know that you’re not just enjoying a moment – you’re contributing to a legacy and leaving a positive impact alongside us. Cheers to a year of sipping with purpose and making every bottle count!