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A case of Sunbird Sauvignon Blanc 2019 + The GSM 2018

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Sunbird Sauvignon Blanc 2019

The brilliantly clear colour makes a refreshing and crisp statement. Beautiful gooseberry notes with hints of melon and kiwi. Refined green flavours coats the palate with a finishing lemon twist.   The well balanced acidity carries the sublime tropical flavours with a green edge.

Style: Dry white Sauvignon Blanc.
Cellaring potential: Twelve to twenty four months after vintage date, but the fruitiness is more pronounced early on.

The GSM 2018

A delicious blend of three classic grape varieties evoking the sensory richness of Southern France. The wine displays a bright ruby red colour with an aroma bursting with juicy red berries with hints of white pepper. A velvety smooth wine with a moderate alcohol.

Style: Blended, soft fruity red.
Cellaring potential: Enjoy this wine in its youth.

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